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Sabrina Soares – Fitness Girl Brazil 2011

It is Health! Sabrina Soares. The Fitness Girl Brazil 2011.
See all attributes of the fitness girl.
Inhale, exhale … (and get inspired)
The champion of Fitness Girl Brazil in 2011 is at ease, just for you…
The brasiliense Sabrina Soares takes off her clothes and shows why he deserved (A LOT) the title of fitness Girl Brazil 2011
May the ( . )( . )´s be with you!

Busty Brunet

Great Busty and Beautiful brunet from

May the ( . )( . )´s be with you!


Emma McKay for iCandy

Hello everyone, I´m re-blogging this interview with Emma McKay for iCandy.
The interview was really nice. It showed us a little bit more of this beauty and sweetest girl called Emma McKay.
I was very happy to meet her on twitter and know that there are girls so beautiful and gentle at the same time.
I was delighted with her, and I think you will also stay, see for yourself in the interview and to know more about her, please view the original interview at the iCandy website: , Follow her on twiiter: @emmamckaymodel
And visit her website:

May the ( . )( . )´s be with you! 😉


Emma! How are you doing?

I’m very well thank you (Smiles)

I have to say I love your pics! What got you into modelling?

I was out in Manchester for a friend’s birthday and was approached by an agency scout. I had never even thought about being a model before that, I was more of a Tom boy. As a kid I climbed trees, played with my brother’s transformers and had mostly guys as friends. I love being girlie now though; I love my hair & make up being done and wearing sexy outfits.

You’ve been in a lot of mags and papers – which has been the most fun to do – other than iCandy of course.

(Laughs), I’d have to say my Shoots with Nuts are always fun. I did a shoot with them for a golf game along with universal pictures for an American pie film which was awesome, I really enjoyed it.

What is you ambition?

To be successful, I don’t want to become famous as I Like my privacy but to get into FHM and do a page 3 shoot would be cool. I couldn’t do the Sun as I’ve got false boobies but the Daily Star shoots them.

Now I have to mention your chest – it’s already DD and very very impressive…. sorry I got lost in a thought then, but you’re getting them made bigger! Why?

(Laughs) (Smiles) it’s a long story really… I had problems with my last implants so I had to have them removed in May 2011 and then got them back in Oct 2011, so I thought with everything I’ve been through ” if I’m going to do it, I’ll do it properly”. Which I did. I’m now a 32FF but I did get measured in one shop as a 32GG the other day (Smiles)

I’ve had a look at your site and I have to say it’s very good – you have a very broad range on there, what’s behind that are you showing off your versatility?

Thank you. The variety is there for my fans as well as to show that I can be versatile. I think the more variety I have the better it is. I love doing all kinds of shoots from Fashion through to Fetish so I do them all (Smiles) I’m always up for trying new ideas to produce images. I’ll be doing lots more this year as I’ve got so much planned, it’s really exciting.

You even have a section on your site with you flashing in public – are you a bit of an exhibitionist?

I wouldn’t say so but I enjoy doing it. It makes me feel naughty and my fans like it.

Now then you also have an alter ego; Miss Terri – tell us about her, does she have a different personality to you?

Well, Miss Terri is my Fetish name; you will be seeing more of her this year. She enjoys wearing tight, shiny latex, Boots, rope and anything kinky (pokes tongue out) There’s no messing with Miss Terri she means business and enjoys teaching others a lesson or two.

Miss Terri’s website should be built this year, in the mean time she’ll be working on its content.

What do you like to do to relax or in your spare time?

I really enjoy Zumba and Pilates; I’d do classes in the morning then go gym in the evening and finish with a spa (Smiles)

What have you got coming up this year then?

I can’t really say much as I’ve got lots planned for this year. But I can say I’ll also become a business woman this year as well as a model. I’m also looking at getting behind the camera too.

Your calendars are out too though I note one hasn’t dropped on my mat? What was it like to shoot your 2 calendars?

Oh no, sorry. There made to order, you can purchase through my and there discounted now too (Smiles) I really enjoyed shooting them both; I did them in Jamaica which was difficult but lots of fun too. I’m off shooting my 2013 calendars mid Feb in Cyprus which I’m really looking forward to doing.

OK so now the really important questions – are you single?

No, sorry guys x

What do you look for in a guy?

Someone who’s loyal, makes me laugh, can cook, Good looking and committed.

Do you ever come up to London are we gonna get to see you at one of our iCandy events this year?

I do yes and I’d love to (Smiles)

Complete the sentences:

The way to turn me on is… kiss my neck whilst stroking my body softly.

My fantasy is… a threesome with two hot guys (if I was single).

One day I dream of… becoming a success, to be able to help others.

The most unusual place I’ve had sex is… on a cliff top when on a walk, in view of caravaners.

The things that irritate me are… false, rude people. Liars & cheats. I hate mess; people tell me I have OCD (Laughs). Oh, and I can’t stand someone picking their toe nails…

Emma it’s been a pleasure to have you drop by iCandy – what’s your message to everyone out there?

Thank you for having me (Smiles) I’d just like to also thank everyone for reading this and would like to wish you all the best for 2012! Mwah! x Follow me on twitter: @emmamckaymodel

By Gareth “Girls” Long

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Nicole Brasil

Nicole Brasil at the Sexy Magazine

Barbara Rossi set 02

The Brazilian Girl, Barbara Rossi at Eh Gata!

Back in time for Xmas

After a long time offline I´m Back in time for Xmas 😀

With Mulher Melão

Alessandra and Elis

Alessandra & Elis on the Sexy Magazine.
Really Nice Brazilian GF
See by yourself 😀

Gatas Brasileiras

Gatas Brasileiras do Orkut

Barbara Rossi Set 01

The Brazilian Girl, Barbara Rossi at Eh Gata!